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Open Golf Sponsorship

The sponsorship of key players, such as Watson, Westwood etc is a huge opportunity for businesses to target customers. Consider the amount of air time they receive by being a contender for the Championship. Hours and hours of prime coverage and that is much more cost effective that buying media space. Also viewers don’t feel that they are being sold to, it is more subtle. According to pay for homework help service the competition at the moment is to count the number of sponsors that each player has. Any advance on 7 on a shirt?

According to homework help answers service there is an opportunity to develop specific relationships with the younger players such as Rory McIlroy. He could help to reach a much younger audience who are really difficult to access. Golf is certainly moving with the times. Check out the use of social media such as Facebook and Twitter by the Open Championship and also by the individual players.

Barclaycard’s moves into sponsorship

Barclaycard are changing their marketing to make much more use of sponsorship. They are launching Barclaycardunwind. This new venture will offer special ticket deals, exclusive gigs and competition to win tickets. This reflects the changes in the way businesses are spending the marketing budget. This type of sponsorship enables more precise targeting and the opportunity to build relationships with customers. O2 have a similar approach with the O2 Arena and the access to special concert invitations. Adding extra value is the key to building that customer for life.


Creating my Blog

When I started blogging I was so worried about all of the technical stuff. Way too complicated and so frustrating, I nearly gave up. I didn’t want a static website and hoped to create something I could change and adapt, as and when I needed. I was lucky to find Joel, the BlogTechGuy. He is amazing and takes out all of the techie geek speak. He has developed a series of videos to walk you through the process. They videos are really easy to follow and you can simply work along with him. Check it out and let me know how you get on.

Without him my blog simply would not exist, try for yourself.

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